Individual Therapy

When someone comes to therapy, it is usually with a feeling that it is no longer possible to solve personal problems on one’s own. There may be a sense of being overwhelmed, or perhaps doubts as to whether there are solutions to be found. It may be difficult to know where to begin. For some people, their search is already focused on one or two critical challenges that need immediate attention and the perspective of a trained professional to arrive at new possibilities. Sharing one’s story in an atmosphere of validation and acceptance empowers clients to choose an initial focus for their work.

Helping people identify the specific areas they want to address initially is a task Nancy supports clients to accomplish early in the process of counseling. Her experience has shown that even small behavioral changes in relation to any area of one's life can result in a change in one's feelings, experience, and perspective. This enhances one's sense of competence, confidence, hope and provides the energy necessary to work towards further growth.