Pre– and Post– Divorce Counseling

Divorce is one of life’s most difficult challenges. It creates a rupture in the fabric of the entire life of a family, causing a great deal of pain for everyone involved. At the same time, living through a divorce also provides an opportunity for tremendous personal growth and development and can lead to excellent outcomes in the long term. Excellent outcomes following a divorce are dependent upon the willingness of adults to examine and be reflective about their lives, their choices, and their interactions within intimate relationships.

Because of the turmoil involved in the divorce process, it is frequently difficult for parents to maintain their focus on supporting their children while they are feeling so vulnerable themselves. Nancy’s supportive work with families pre- and post-divorce has enabled many families to address their own needs while also attending to their children in a growth-promoting way. This is not an easy task, and frequently parents need help to navigate the process.

Research indicates that a critical predictor of longterm healthy emotional development for children following divorce is the quality and consistency of the relationship with the visiting parent. Through empathic listening and acceptance of everyone’s feelings, Nancy is able to guide parents on their journey through this maze of conflicting demands. The strategies and interventions Nancy offers help children express and manage their feelings, a critical component of successful outcomes for children.