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Nancy is committed to assisting parents and teachers to become more psychologically sensitive to children by helping them create strategies and interventions that increase children's social-emotional competence. This is reflected throughout her work, in her clinical private practice in Evanston, and through her trainings and conference presentations throughout the country.

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Nancy Bruski's Book

The Insightful Teacher: Reflective Strategies to Shape Your Early Childhood Classroom. Emphasizing essential interpersonal skills that should be developed in early childhood, this guide offers a holistic approach to developing classroom communities in which each child feels recognized, appreciated, and able to contribute.

Learning Magazine Teachers‘ Choice Awards for Professional Development Winner.

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Insightful Teacher book
Nancy helps people make wise choices in their professional and personal lives through providing a wide range of services, including:
Training and Consultation
Nancy is available to support educators and parents to be more psychologically sensitive to children and promote productive social emotional growth.

Early Childhood Consultation
Nancy is available to work with programs in a variety of ways to help support the delivery of high quality services to children and families, as well as to support the staff in the demanding work of being emotionally available to young children and families on a daily basis.

Educator Workshops
Nancy has a variety of Workshops covering many current issues in Education from pre-school and beyond.

Parent Workshops
Nancy has a variety of Workshops aimed at helping parents navigate through the various chapters of raising children.

“Nancy has a great talent in presenting sophisticated psychological concepts in accessible, everyday language that teachers and parents can understand and use with children.”

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The New York Times

Empathy, not Expulsion, for Preschoolers at Risk

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Whether you are an individual, parent, educator or mental health provider seeking solutions for yourself, your children, your students or your clients, or a conference/organization looking for Nancy's expertise, please contact her by phone at (847) 475-1828 or by Email.